TDL created TDLGroup as a Consultant to get artists to the right industry people. TDL is a company devoted to working with dedicated hard working indie bands and film artists to help them realize and attain their goals. TDL is very pleased to be working with a large number of hard working Artist's, Musicians, Producers, Director's and film industry Resources.

  • TDL provides a variety of services to individuals and businesses alike. Over the years, we have streamlined our services to ensure that we remain experts within the digital domain. If you are looking for something specific,  just contact us! 

  • TDL is dedicated to providing engaging, high quality websites that will create a stunning online experience – giving your company a presence that will captivate viewers and make a lasting impression.Your business deserves an online presence. Like many small business owners, you may not know where to start; jumping into the digital domain can sometimes seem a little daunting – but we’re here to help!

  • Creating an Internet Identity is paramount to moving your business forward. Your webpage is not only a direct reflection of who you are, but who you will be. It is a specialty tool used as a direct means of communication between you and your existing and potential clientele.

  • TDL isn’t just a website design company; we are a full-service, digital design specialist providing your business with all of the necessary tools to enhance your image within the online world.

0 09 FCBand Sat10Sept-2022 RocNDocs poster  master with Grand River Blues Society
11 FC GRBS Sun 27 Nov 2022 Poster Announcement
10 WA Fri07Oct 2022 NewEnglandRockFest3 Geraldines LiveMusicBar Chicopee MA
09 Auto RED Sat10Sept22 with StephenPearcy-Quiet Riot
09 Auto Fri09Sept2022 with Skid Row 4
10 Sat 15 Oct 2022 Autograph with Quiet Riot at Feathers Casino
04 MusicCollectibles 8-10April2022 jimi Bell
05 Auto Sat14May2022 Freedom Festival Colorado
on the rocks Wed.25.May.2022 with Jim Long
04 - 08Apr2022 JB autograph session on 8th April 2022 Music Collectbles Etravaganza
08 Fri19Aug2022Fri MontheMountain
03 Fri19March2022 Autograph Penns Peak with Great White
08 FCB 20 Aug 2022 Private Bday 65th Party Muskoka
04 FCB April 2022 FreakinAtTheBeacon with Virgil Scott
03 Portrait Sat05Mar2022 JoBlos St Catharines Guest FC Poster
5MayWildAmerica Mfest Cancun Cantina hanover Maryland.jpg
05 WA-2 Fri27May2022 Quiet Riot poster
04 STH Sat15Apr in Sandord FLA
04 STH Sat16Apr in Sandord FLA
05 WA Fri13May2022 Bang Tango at Whisky A Go Go
00 LAsBSP poster 5 webiste name Poster