About TDL:
  • TDL provides a variety of services to individuals and businesses alike. Over the years, we have streamlined our services to ensure that we remain experts within the digital domain. If you are looking for something specific,  just contact us! 

  • TDL is dedicated to providing engaging, high quality websites that will create a stunning online experience – giving your company a presence that will captivate viewers and make a lasting impression. Your business deserves an online presence. Like many small business owners, you may not know where to start; jumping into the digital domain can sometimes seem a little daunting – but we’re here to help!

  • Creating an Internet Identity is paramount to moving your business forward. Your web page is not only a direct reflection of who you are, but who you will be. It is a specialty tool used as a direct means of communication between you and your existing and potential clientele.

  • TDL isn’t just a website design company; we are a full-service, digital design specialist providing your business with all of the necessary tools to enhance your image within the online world.

Onging Sites:
"Be the best by being SEEN to be the best"
Social Media

All websites linked to FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE and all of the Social Media Marketing Sites!  We go the extra mile for our clients!


  • Web Design

  • Website Makeover

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Content Management System

  • E-Commerce (Webstore)

  • Mobile Websites

  • Quick Turn-Around

At TDL Music Group we can do any type of website and design the client wishes, and we teach them how to maintain along the way!

Past Clients Created & Designed Sites:


  2. GD SPI Consulting

  3. DnEFactor

  4. Dive Tech Services Inc.

  5. http://goldmettle.webs.com

  6. Green Turtle Lawn Care

  7. Everglo Entertainment

  8. Joey Productions Inc

  9. JamCo & Everglo Entertainment.

  10. phdradio.com (now closed)

  • Past Clients Created & Designed Sites:

  1. Liquid Jazz Project

  2. Red Echo (Band)

  3. ThePossibilityDoesExist

  4. RevelationStudios.com.au

  5. PhDradio.com

  6. 2vetsOAM.org

1 JimiBellMusic Endorsee
1 BSP endorsee
1 Kickasscables
1 BRA endorsement

Past Clients Created & Designed Sites:

  1. DnEFactor

  2. Dive Tech Services Inc.

  3. http://goldmettle.webs.com

  4. Green Turtle Lawn Care

  5. Everglo Entertainment

  6. Joey Productions Inc

  7. JamCo & Everglo Entertainment.

  8. KickAssCables.com

  9. Liquid Jazz Project

  10. Red Echo (Band)

  11. The Possibility Does Exist

If you would like a website created and designed by TDL Group just send us an email at tdl.music@gmail.com

You can make your payments via paypal or money order.

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