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TDL created TDL Music Group as a Consultant to get artists to the right industry people. TDL is a company devoted to working with dedicated hard working indie bands and film artists to help them realize and attain their goals. TDL is very pleased to be working with a large number of hard working Artist's, Musicians, Producers, Director's and film industry Resources.


TD Lane is a business coach, consultant. She has spent over 40+ years working with a wide range of Artist's as well as music industry professionals, helping them get focused and energized. Their clients are based all over the world including the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom Russia and Australia. TDL's mission is to help people achieve greater success in the music business by working smarter and not taking the longer harder road.


Focusing on developing and fine tuning artists into successful accomplished professionals in the entertainment industry and has been serving the community since 1980. Located in across Canada with our head office in Toronto/Mississauga Area in Ontario, Canada. With their expertise in artist development, music production, throughout the entertainment industry.   TDL is proud of her  associates at The Rich Media Agency (UK),   and REVELATION STUDIOS (Australia) as we look forward to the coming year

Media Kit & Marketing

  • Creation & Development of Media Kit  (Containing bios,  photos,  demos, etc.

  • PR and Marketing (Press release, announcements, events, circulation  and distribution of media kits).

  • Leveraged industry networking, targeted marketing and sourcing within our available contacts. (Industry vendors, production,  membership  groups,  etc).

  • Website evaluation and  promotion.

Promotional Packages

  • Biography of the Band

  • Website Design

  • CD Demo Production & Design

  • Video & Multimedia production

  • General Session Production

  • Fundraising/Corporate Sponsorship

  • Public Relations

  • Grants and Funding Applications

  • Agent / Management

  • List of Producers to choose from.

  • Music Consulting.

  • Promo/Press Kit Design and Production.

Public Relations & Special Events

  • Identify Group & Individual - defining who you are!

  • MEMBER BIO's (Edit or Compile existing  Bio's for up to 6 members)

  • PHOTOS  (Photo shoot with  recommended Photographer).

  • LOGO's  (Image Evaluation)

  • Demo Creation & Promotion


  • One of our strengths.

  • We can do focus group testing to survey development and results tabulation


  • Need Web Design, Web Makeover and Social Media fixes, please contact Terry D. Lane from TDL Group. Terry looks after Banks Radio Australia for me and does a wonderful job with a quick turnaround, I fully recommend Terry's work.  Issac Banks, owner


  • "Terry you are so amazing at what you do. My website looks amazing thanks to you I still can't believe how quick you get it updated you are like no other THE BEST!!!!"

    Jonny James | Singer @ LA's BackStage Pass

  • Thanks for everything! Terry has been very supportive and kind! Offering her help and taking two kids under her wing. thanks for helping us follow our dreams! Eddy and Danielle, DnEfactor | Thanks a Million

  • TDL has been refreshingly honest and reliable. She always goes beyond the call of duty and never loses her sense of excitement for a project, despite the many challenges faced. I will always call on her for music and film productions in the future. May 28, 2010

  • Patrick Creamer; Owner Revelation Studios, Brisbaine, Australia | Music Producer & Film Director

  • Just want to thank Terry @ TDL MUSIC for the greatest website ever!!! Terry, you're the best in the business. My page is constantly updated and kept current.. You amaze me on a daily basis!!!! Thank you so much for everything you do!!!  Jimi Bell, House of Lords/ Maxx Explosion.


  • TD Lane has been instrumental in building my business as a consultant and a webmaster. Her experience in the industry is second to none, and I have referred her services to many clients. Thanks TD!  ... Lawrence Panzini Jr | President, EverGlo Entertainment Inc.


  • You are one in a million, with kindness, grace, talent, and intelligence to spare. I do not know how you do it all. But you do it so well... Thank you!  ... Janice, Fan

  • TDL is a goal oriented high producing music industry expert. She takes direction well and does the necessary research to meet the demands of whatever project she is working on. A great skill set, attention to detail, strong focus on the big picture. Reliable from start to finish. April 23, 2008. Howard Beye; Music Promoter, Halifax, NS, Canada ... Howard Beye, Music Promoter

  • TDL is an accomplished subject matter expert with a unique ability to make tremendous positive impact on independent musicians and music industry professionals. Terry has a 'No excuses - make it happen' approach that not only works, but results in the realization of achievable goals. Working with Terry is like boarding a rocket ship where sky is the limit. April 2, 2008 ... Jorge Gamboa | IS Director , Financial Institute, Toronto, ON, Canada.

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